Vision & Mission Statements

Vision & Mission Statements

Our Vision is to be a community that lives out the message of Jesus and the Bible in such a way that all may grow to experience the love of God.
Our Mission is to make Jesus known to those we encounter and equip them to follow Him.
The Values

The Values

We value being a Bible based and Spirit led community who love Jesus and seek to advance His Kingdom.  We believe the Bible is our final authority over opinions, dreams, revelations, visions and any other authoritative source that we may look to for direction.  And we are convinced that the depth of God's relationship with us has no limits, therefore we will seek Him and wait expectantly for His presence in all that we do.


We value community with relationship and unity at its heart.  It's our main focus after submission to God, because the purpose of the cross was the salvation of men and women.  To the best of our ability we will treat each person with respect, dignity and loving patience - always seeking what is best for his or her life and growth. 


In an age of superficial engagement we value authenticity and the opportunity to be relevant.  We want to avoid behaviour that draws attention away from God and puts the spotlight on ourselves.  Authenticity affects the way we worship, how we pray for the sick and minister to the poor, teach the Bible and so on. 


Our desire is to welcome and invite people to journey with us as we pursue a dependant and expectant relationship with God that transforms how we live.  To that end, we will do all that we can to create an environment where they can realise their value and belong. 


We know that God's love is meant to be given away, so we value opportunities to demonstrate the love and mercy of Jesus wherever He leads, bringing His presence to those who are broken, hurting and in need, whether it is locally based or further afield. 


We value accountability and integrity in all our relationships.  This means we pursue completely truthful, consistent and open relationships with God, with others and with ourselves. 


We are committed to building a church that is multi-generational and to establishing a culture where everyone can know God for themselves, discover their gifts and then generously give of their time, energy and resources for the sake of our community and its residents. 


We value making courageous disciples who will impact the spiritual health of our community in amazing ways, following God's heart and relying on His creativity and authority to do so.



We believe in God the Father who has created all things and who reaches out to embrace all people everywhere. 

We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for the sins of the world, rose again on the third day, ascended into heaven and who will return again. 

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is the third member of "the Trinity". We believe He is present in the Church to reveal and instruct, comfort and correct, empower and direct the followers of Jesus. 

We believe that the Bible is the inspired written word of God. Therefore, it is of inestimable value in our growth and development as followers of Jesus.

We believe that Jesus Christ loves the Church; and that through the Church God plans to make His saving love known to the world.


We believe that our highest calling is to worship God in word and action. We aim to express this through the love and devotion embodied in our music and the compassion and generosity embodied in our lifestyles.

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